About the company

NTK SciDeCo is located in Saint Petersburg, which is well known as the cultural capital of Russia.

The company was founded in 2004 as R&D company for providing services for international and domestic customers. During these years, the company has been growing and expending activities over different markets.

Today NTK SciDeCo is a fabless research and development house with high-level quality control and project management, providing R&D and turnkey system design for the customers.

The company is proud to have a very high educated and motivated personal. The company employs on full time 10+ engineers, four of them have PhD degree. All engineers have a long list of successfully completed projects and nearly all of them completed special courses in respective areas of experience. Altera® has qualified some NTK SciDeCo engineers for providing education for ATPP (Altera Training Partner Program) in Russia.

At the time NTK SciDeCo is the only company in Eastern Europe selected by Altera as partner for Altera Consultant Alliance Program (ACAP).